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It’s tough to reach the high profile leaders and investors you need to grow.

With Vintro, we guarantee you their direct time and attention.

Choose a leader, make your pitch, seize your opportunity.

To Grow Your Business, You Need the Right Contacts

But there's a problem...

  • You don't know the right people

  • You’re frustrated by unreturned calls & emails

  • Networking can be awkward and ineffective

  • You don't want to travel during covid-19

Introducing Vintro.
Meet your Investors, New Clients, Board Members,
Partners and more.

We are less expensive and more efficient than any other method of getting in front of high profile leaders.

What Our Customers Say

Vintro allowed us to directly connect with a preeminent leader in our field. He provided us with invaluable connections and guidance, helping us rapidly advance the development of our product.

- Noah Silverstein, Co-Founder of VentCU, Columbia University

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This is a seriously effective tool. I've had video replies in less than a day from 2 VC's, and we are in the middle of talks with ultra-high net worth individuals that will put us in malls around the world. Thanks for introducing me to Vintro!

- Hamzah Malik, Founder of Drench, UK

Vintro recommended matches for my business, and I got connected with important investors in my space that gave me and my team the invaluable insights we needed on our product. We've used Vintro three times so far!

- Faruk Yilmaz, CEO of KeyVon Medical

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Without Vintro, our process for contacting potential investors would have been a much steeper climb . Vintro promises a response within 14 days or you are not charged, no money or time wasted. Excellent service.

- Jae Thomas Spivey, CEO & Founder of Pickey

How Vintro Works

Step 1

Choose the new clients, investors & leaders you want to reach.

Step 2

Upload a 2 minute intro video. Ask for what you need.

Step 3

Receive their response via audio or video within 10 business days.

Step 4

Just like any meeting or pitch, the leader will follow up further if they want to learn more about your business.

Pitch top leaders and experts starting at $25.
The majority range from
$25-200 per session.


Check out Vintro's Network of over 650+ Venture Capitalists, Founders, Business Leaders, Philanthropists and more. Fees start as low as $25

Tell Me What I Get For Sure?

1 - You get an opportunity to develop a relationship with high profile leaders who watch your video and tell you:

  • What they liked about your pitch.
  • What issues they see.
  • What next steps they recommend.

2 - You get your shot to ask for what your business needs. If they are interested, they will open up a direct conversation with you to learn more.

  • INVESTMENT: Pitch to venture capital and private equity to get funding you need.
  • NEW CLIENTS: Think of Vintro as a lead generator. Put your product or service in front of decision makers, including those with purchasing control at Fortune 500 companies.
  • INTRODUCTIONS: Get introductions and referrals you need to open up opportunities.
  • ADVICE: Launching a product or entering new markets? Get insights from the best.
  • MENTORSHIP: Grow from the support of experienced leaders.

Why Vintro?

Fast & Effecient

In less than 10 business days, hear back from top leaders without leaving your home or office. No waiting or wondering.

Less Expensive

Time is money. Instead of wasting time and money on networking and travel, get expert guidance on your business and open the door to a relationship. At a fraction of the cost.

Guaranteed Time & Attention

Receive attention and insights from the leaders you choose, or you pay nothing.

Higher Quality

Every leader is hand picked for their industry expertise, leadership and resources.

Our Mission

To ensure that no good idea is left behind. Vintro believes that anyone with a powerful idea and the drive to execute it should get their chance to put it into the world. We aim to increase global opportunity and innovation for all.

Need Help?
Contact the Vintro Customer Success Team

Let us help you find matches tailored to your budget and needs. Need help with creating your video? We’re happy to help with that too!