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Vintro Makes It Easy to Pitch Global Business Leaders

Looking to connect with a venture capitalist, founder, Fortune 500 CEO or Nobel Prize winner? On Vintro, you get guaranteed attention and insights from leaders who can elevate your business.

To Grow Your Business, You Need the Right Contacts

But there's a problem...

  • You don't know the right people

  • You're frustrated by unreturned emails

  • Networking is often ineffective

  • You don't want to travel during covid-19

This is where Vintro comes in. We make it easy for you.
You select who you want to pitch,
we guarantee their attention and feedback

How Vintro Works

Step 1

Choose a leader

Step 2

Upload your pitch video + pay

Step 3

Receive leader's feedback
via audio or video

Step 4

If interested, leader opens dialogue with you. No fee.

What Do I Get For Sure? What Can I Ask For?

Get Guaranteed Feedback + Open The Door For More

1 - Receive actionable insights to fast track your business:

  • What they liked about your pitch.
  • What issues they see.
  • What next steps they recommend.

2 - Plus, make your ask for what you need:

  • INVESTMENT: Pitch to venture capital and private equity to get funding you need.
  • NEW SALES CHANNELS: Speak to those who control purchasing power at Fortune 500 companies.
  • INTRODUCTIONS: Get introductions and referrals you need to open up opportunities.
  • ADVICE: Launching a product or entering new markets? Get insights from the best.
  • MENTORSHIP: Grow from the support of experienced leaders.

Pitch top leaders and experts starting at $25.
The majority range from $25-200 per pitch session.


Check out Vintro's Network of over 450+ Venture Capitalists, Founders, Business Leaders, Nobel-winning Scientists, Philanthropists and more. Fees start as low as $25

The Vintro Promise


Receive guaranteed attention and insights from the leader you select.


Timely response without leaving your home or office.


Get guidance on your business and open the door to a relationship.


Every expert hand picked for their leadership credentials, industry expertise and resources.

What Our Customers Say

Vintro allowed us to directly connect with a preeminent leader in our field–Art Collins, the former Chairman of Medtronic. He provided us with invaluable connections and guidance, helping us rapidly advance the development of our product. Vintro’s platform and Art’s guidance allowed us to find the mentorship and capital we needed!

- Noah Silverstein, Co-Founder of VentCU, Columbia University

Watch Noah's Pitch Video
This is a seriously effective tool. I’ve had video replies in less than a day from 2 VC’s, and we are in the middle of talks with ultra-high net worth individuals that will put us in malls around the world. Thanks for introducing me to Vintro!

- Hamzah Malik, Founder of Drench, UK

Vintro made the introduction process efficient. They recommended matches for my business, and I got connected with important investors in my space that gave me and my team the invaluable insights we needed on moving forward with our product. We’ve used Vintro three times so far, for three separate things.

- Faruk Yilmaz, CEO of KeyVon Medical, Founder of FitVon

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Need Help?
Contact the Vintro Customer Success Team

We promise to help you find the right matches tailored to your budget and needs. Need help with your pitch video? We’re here for that too!


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