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How do I contact Vintro?

Our team is here to answer all of your questions and to help support you. You can email us at

What is Vintro?

Vintro is a platform for getting direct attention and engagement from some of the world’s most influential leaders and experts.

Who is Vintro meant for?

Vintro is for anyone with an idea. We’ve helped many different types of people succeed, from first time founders, to serial entrepreneurs, to innovators looking to make connections in new markets. The Vintro community benefits from its diversity - people from so many different backgrounds and from all over the world have found the resources they need on Vintro.e are excited for you to join their ranks.

Is Vintro a pay to pitch model?

No, Vintro is a digital advisory service for people with ideas. Here at Vintro, you engage with an expert who provides guaranteed attention and a guaranteed response. Vintro offers deep added value: access top thinkers who give you advice tailored to address your specific questions and needs. They may even allocate resources or partner with you going forward.

How do I start?

Starting is easy. Create a profile. Next, you can use our search tool to find the expert or leader who will give you guaranteed advice. Or vice versa. Search for an expert, and then create your profile.

What if I can’t find the right person?

If you’re having trouble deciding on an expert from the Vintro network, our Customer Success team can help find a great match for your business. Simply email us and tell us about your business and what kind of help you need. We are committed to helping you succeed!

What can I pitch?

You can pitch anything that ends in a specific ask and doesn’t violate our terms of service. People most often use Vintro when seeking: investment, mentorship, purchasing/procurement, and strategic introductions. Be sure to end your video with exactly what you are asking the Expert to consider.

How does it work?

You can access top experts in 3 steps:


  • Search for the Expert who best fits your business needs.



  • The Expert you’ve chosen will send you concise and actionable insights via audio or video within 10 business days.
  • They answer 3 questions:
    • What do they like about your pitch?
    • What issues do they see?
    • What next steps do they recommend for you?

Expert feedback typically ranges between 3-5 minutes. The Expert will open a direct dialogue with you if they are interested in connecting further (at no additional fee).

Is Vintro a one time thing?

Many of our customers use Vintro multiple times with multiple experts as they need advice on various points during the evolution of their idea or business. If the expert you chose decides to open a direct communication channel after reviewing your pitch, the two of you will continue the relationship outside of Vintro. We continue to see success stories like this!

What do good Vintro pitch videos look like?

To help you maximize your experience on Vintro, we’ve shared some secrets to a great pitch video. We also have examples of successful videos from real Vintro customers that you can watch.

Is my pitch video good enough?

If you’re not sure whether your video is ready to go, you can Send a draft to our team at We’re here to make suggestions on how to improve your pitch.

How does Vintro pricing work?

  • Pay a fee to access an Expert: Each expert sets their own fee, and it is stated in their profile. Fees range from $25 - $10k. The majority are priced at less than $300.
  • Once you pay, you are guaranteed feedback on your video.
  • Once the pitch process is complete, the expert may decide to open a direct dialogue with you. If so, there is no fee from then on.

As the COVID-19 situation improves, the “Vintro for Volunteers” program will become available. Vintro experts who participate in this program won’t charge you a fee, instead you can work an agreed upon amount of volunteer hours with a specified Vintro charity partner.

How do we choose the Vintro leaders and experts on the platform?

Vintro hand picks top tier leaders and experts based on their leadership credentials, industry expertise and resources. We focus on those who have significant resources that they can contribute to help you succeed. "Resources" may include capital, knowledge, connections, experiences, audiences, decision-making powers, facilities, products, influence, and more. If you’d like to apply to be an Expert click here. If there’s someone you’d like to see who is not already listed in our network, email us at

What is Vintro’s stance on data and privacy?

We take privacy and data security incredibly seriously at Vintro. Our full policy on privacy can be found here. We will not share any information about your company or response without express permission first from both you and the reviewer