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People Interested In Investing In Illinois Restaurants

Hosted by: Jonathan & Andrew Landan (The Landan Twins)

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We are your neighbors, your clients, your friends and we all are interested in being pitched by Illinois Restaurants fighting to quickly recover from the Covid-19 pandemic. We have investment capital, advice and other resources available for the right opportunities. Working together we can accelerate the recovery of Illinois Restaurants.

If you own, operate or have an idea for a restaurant in Illinois

Here is a unique opportunity to pitch a targeted group of investors and other subscribers interested in supporting the recovery of Illinois' great restaurants and hospitality venues. Normally this type of access is worth $100 or more, but courtesy of great corporate partners, for a limited time only you pitch for free.

Accredited investors who like your pitch may offer feedback and ask to discuss next steps.

In order to qualify, you must own, operate or have an idea for a restaurant in Illinois, whether it's old, new or re-concepting.

For Investors

This DealFlow channel gives you front row access to pitches from Illinois restaurateurs and operators who are eager to elevate their businesses due to COVID-impact. It's a great opportunity to get involved and help with the recovery. DealFlow investors are encouraged to act with urgency on any deals of interest, as DealFlow is an open, free-flowing and competitive marketplace.

Our chat feature enables you to engage directly and securely with ventures of interest.

If you’re interested, but not an investor

Non investors are invited to follow the action by subscribing to this channel. Though you cannot follow-up with the business owners and operators through Vintro, you can see the pitches that are sent from Restauranteurs as well as the chat back and forth.

What I look for

Tell us about yourself and your business. If you currently own or operate a restaurant how were you doing pre-COVID & how are you doing now? Where do you want to go from here? If you want to re-model please explain it to us in detail. If you have a new concept please explain it to us in detail. Working all together we can bring Illinois Restaurants back in record time. Pitch us now, we are standing by to help accelerate your recovery.

What I Provide

  • Investment
  • Referrals & Introductions

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This user is not acting as an agent or representative of any current or previous organizations. Opinions and feedback expressed by this user only reflect their own individual views and do not reflect the views of any particular corporate enterprise or organization with which they are or have been associated.


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