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Hiroko Morohashi


Founder of UNITED SPORTS FOUNDATION, Vice Chairperson of Special Olympics Nippon, Fukushima, Advisory Board of FIBA 3x3, Advisory Council Committee of Jr. NBA Asia, Sports Council Committee of Japan Sports Agency, TAC 2020 Olympic Committee of Tokyo American Club, and More

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Hiroko Morohashi (諸橋 寛子) was born in Fukushima, Japan. After the graduation of the university, she advanced her career at a general trading company, and then, had worked for 17 years at the clothes and sports retailing company, where her father established, currently known as XEBIO Holdings Co., Ltd. When East Japan, involved in her birthplace, was hit by a huge earthquake on the 11th March 2011, she started to offer support for reconstruction. And through it, she reaffirmed the significance of “the power of sports” that can encourage and move all people, and in September of that year, she established UNITED SPORTS FOUNDATION as representative director. She actively works worldwide for contribution to socio-cultural promotion through sports, sports cultural promotion, and children who will carry the world into the future.

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